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Why am I pursuing a Doctorate? My father’s mantra and lifelong dream was for me to become a medical doctor. After his death, I gravitated towards business but maintained limited connections with the hard sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). For my Advanced Level (A-Level) studies, I did Pure and Applied Mathematics and Accounting. At undergraduate level, I earned a Bachelor Degree in Applied Information Systems. With a further three (3) years of hard work, I earned a Master’s of Science in Information, Computing and Telecommunications. I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. The UK National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) equates the ACCA Qualification to a UK taught Masters Degree. The International Accounting Standards Board is working with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (US) with a view to harmonizing standards. Once this can be accomplished then leading online US Universities such as Walden may consider evaluating professional qualifications such as ACCA for Degree credit transfer. Currently, I am a full-time lecturer at the College of Science Technology Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT). I have been lecturing at the tertiary level for the past nineteen (19) years. I have over thirty plus years in lecturing experience. My current employer’s continuing professional development policy states that all full-time lecturers with Masters level qualifications must start Doctoral level studies within six (6) years of their commencing employment with the College. I am in my third year as a full-time lecturer with COSTAATT. The short-term view is to satisfy current job requirements. The long-term view is to lead the organization within the next seven (7) ye... ... middle of paper ... ... customers informed about developments that may impact our relationships and collaboratively develop solutions to overcome foreseeable problems and difficulties. Develop strategies to counteract lack of interest such as mentoring and coaching weaker colleagues, reflect and meditate on the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives and focus less on self and concentrate more on group or team-oriented goals. Conclusion During my career, I have built and nurtured a network of resources including my mentors and advisors, my personal information gathering and dissemination website ( and an array of tools and techniques that allow me to collate and analyze information quickly such as mind maps. Walden University online DDBA in my specialist area of Information Systems was the perfect match that allowed me to commence doctoral studies.
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