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In the second section of this paper I will discuss how to live a happy life. I will show you the type of person who lives a happy life and discuss the traits and qualities that a happy person embodies. In my opinion, someone who is happy lives a life close to Susan Wolf’s essay Meaning in Life and Why it Matters with a little bit of Aristotle.
According to Wolf, there are two significant views in order for people to live a meaningful life. The first view she says that people must do something that they love. The second view is that you have to pursue something worthy of love. The two views together is what shapes Wolf’s view and my view of a way to a happy and meaningful life. The first view of doing something that you get pleasure from is the subjective view. You need to gain pleasure out of your life in order to be happy. The loved object must be of something “larger than oneself.” This is the objective view that you can receive objective meaning from it. This objective meaning is that there must be a worth which is felt by other people than you. Wolf brings these two ideas together in what I think is one of the main ideas of her work. “One might paraphrase this by saying that, according to my conception, meaning arises when subjective attraction meets objective attractiveness” (Wolf, pg. 9).
I think that we must also look at Aristotle in order to gain a full understanding of how to be happy. Aristotle believe that you must show appropriate virtue towards pleasure and pain. This boils down to that you must do the right thing in a given situation. You can create your happiness
This account of happiness is the better than the other accounts of happiness. If we look at the other philosophers they account for self-interest and ...

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...’s driveway across the road. An inappropriate pursuit of happiness would be becoming happy over someone else’s pain or suffering. I think this would lead to unhappiness because I don’t think becoming happy over someone else’s pain fits into morality, self-interest, or love.
In conclusion, in order to be happy one needs to find a passion that they love. This passion needs to worthy of love. This passion should, however, be appropriate and something that would be looked at as meaningful by other people. It is very important that this account of happiness has the factor of doing things for love, because that is an important reason for doing things that can’t be explained in any other way. A happy person will not compare their own life to that of other people and judge which is better. This person will live their life the best way they know how in an appropriate way.

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