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China’s One Child Policy has brought about many, major unintended consequences because of their social and cultural beliefs. Traditionally males are considered the preferred sex. Chinese have pride in having a male to carry on the legacy of the family name, girls marry and leave the family whereas boys stay and care for the family as the parents grow into old age. Because families where only allowed to have one child or risk paying harsh penalties, such as tax that many of the Chinese citizen could not afford, gender discriminations began to spread like wild fire. Girls where looked as less then and if a women gave birth to a girl, they would be made to “go away” by means of abortions, murder, and also abandonment. Health risks soared because of the increasing number of women receiving unsterile, and unprofessional abortions. Midwives and parents would kill the little girls. Children were abandon in parks and markets with no way of tracing them to their biological ties generating a huge need for orphanages. If a woman kept producing females the family would be angered and displeased with the woman making her feel inferior by threating to send her away if she does not produce a son. Subsequently the act created an imbalance of male to female ratio and soon men could not carry on the family names because they could not find mates. This brought about human trafficking. Women were kidnaped, and sold to men in other provenances they were forced to stay by the watchful eye of the entire family. The women are raped and held against their will, being required to marry men and have their children. The Health of China’s young men is also spiraling out of control parents become consumed with their son and indulge him in over eating. Thus...

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...e meet in overseas adoption. The over crowed orphanages also play into the contrast between nations. The amount of children to caretakers in Chine’s orphanages is sometimes significantly outnumbered whereas the United States has stricter guidelines for how facilities must be ran. This policy has had undesired effects on young girls physical health. For example, these unwanted females are often neglected. Doctors, for instance, will only give half a dosage of a vaccine, or treatment to a female child leaving them vulnerable to contract diseases. These young girls would often die allowing for couples to attempt to have another child in hopes of having a boy. In the United States all children must be vaccinated equally. In fact many laws are in place to that state all children must have certain immunizations before they can be accepted for schools and daycares.//314//
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