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Beginning: A June of 1751 in the quiet village of Essendean in Scotland. David shut the door of his house for the last time because his was living with his parents and they booth die. So he was force to go. He had just 17 and there were no places or reason he could stay. David’s father gave David a letter moments until he die. David’s father told David to take that letter to the house of Shaws, near Cramond. He had to take it the hands of Ebenezer Balfour that was of his family. So he decides to take that letter. It was a big adventure to leave the quiet village in which he lived. On his second day of trip he arrived to Edinburgh and then he arrived to Cramond. He began to talk with people asking for the house of Shaws and about Ebenezer Balfour and people answer worried, surprise, angry and some afraid but he decide to ignore that and continue. He found a woman and asked her if she knew where the house of Shaws was. She guides David to a hill where there was a building that appeared to look still in construction. She told he that were the Shaws building. Rising action: It was getting darker and David saw a smoke on the chimney. He thought there might be someone with food. So he decide to go into the building but when he knock the door a man open and put a gun on David’s head and ask he what did he want and David told he that he had a letter for Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws. Who is? It ask the man with the gun. David said that was not of his business. The man told David to leave the letter and he would give the letter to Balfour. But David wanted to give the letter personal to Balfour. Then the man asks David his name and he responds David Balfour. The men drop the gun and allow David to go into the house. The man had about 50 or ... ... middle of paper ... ... just playing. Still David was very angry but David thought he was going to die and he was losing a good friend that had helped him very much. They stood on a clan that was very friendly to the Stewarts. Then of some days they cross the river Forth on a boat and then they were just five kilometers from Queensferry, were lived Rankeillor. Alan decides to hide on the field will David search to Mr. Rankeillor the lawyer’s house. They make a trap to David’s Uncle. They made him accept the kidnap. David was now the owner of the house of Shaw’s and the farms around it. David allowed his uncle to live in his house but he had to pay all the years some money to David. Mr. Rankeillor all make sure that this happened. Alan was force to go to hide in France. Mr. Rankeillor gave him money to buy a ship and a good lawyer in France. David kept Alan’s silver button to remember he.
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