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Anne Frank has been known worldwide since her diary, The Diary of A Young Girl, was published shortly after her death in 1945. Most people see her as "the girl from the Holocaust", but, she was much more than that. She was an inspiring young lady, who never lost hope in humanity. She was positive and ambitious, having dreams of becoming a journalist. Throughout her years in hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust, Anne never lost faith. She was determined to continue living— even under such harsh circumstances.

As many of us probably know, Anne’s true story took place in the “Secret Annex” in Amsterdam, while the Nazis occupied Holland. Early in the her diary, Anne described the Secret Annex, an area in the top attic of Mr. Frank’s (Anne’s father) business. The entrance was hidden by a movable bookshelf, making it difficult to locate. The Secret Annex was a difficult area to live in, as the inhabitants were rarely allowed to open windows or use the restroom. They had no way to escape each other’s company. Anne’s living situation in the Secret Annex was extremely cramped and restricted.

Over the course of the diary, we were able to take a look at the events of Anne’s life in the Secret Annex. Anne’s story began on her thirteenth birthday, when she was given a diary. She began writing in it frequently, seeing it as something to pour all her thoughts into. Then, within a month of her birthday, her entire life changed. Seeing the Nazis as a threat to their family, the Franks decided to go in hiding. They, along with the Van Daan’s and Mr. Dussel, lived in the Secret Annex for the next two years. Anne spent her teenage years cooped up, fearing for her own life. Yet, she managed to find a way to mature and grow in he...

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...and ultimately, herself.

This book was a very good representation of the Jews’ difficult lives during the Holocaust. It told of the tragic story of Anne Frank, who was only one of the millions of the Nazi’s victims. By reading Anne’s diary, we are able to understand how terrible and harsh the Holocaust truly was. We all know that the Holocaust was a horrible part of history, but we never would truly understand the true effect it had on people without first-person accounts such as the The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank. Because people everywhere need to know about things like this, I would highly recommend this book to everyone, especially next year’s 8th grade students. Everyone can learn so much from reading such a book. They can become positively influenced by Anne’s determination, hope, and perseverance, giving them hope in humanity for years to come.
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