jfk assassination

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ilm, the driver is turning his head towards both the President and the Governor while shots have been fired and while five wounds are being shared between the two men. It is not until the head shot that kills Kennedy is when the driver decides to speed away. Now once can invent an explantation if one chooses to. But they can not explain why was this man never questioned by the investigators about his unusual behavior. The most obvious explanation is that the driver provided for Kennedy was part of a conspiracy. That his job was to keep the President in the line of fire until he was dead. The individuals that wanted Kennedy gone left nothing to chance, so they controlled every aspect of that day. If President Kennedy had been shot from behind, like the government said, he would have had to have a small entrance wound in the back of his head. Now the government knew this was not the case, so they took Kennedy’s body to the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, to a Navy doctor that would say that the President did have this small wound in the back of his head. But there is som...

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