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JFK On November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. According to the Warren Commision, three bullets were shot two of them hitting Kennedy. The Warren Commission also concluded that their was one lone gunman and his name was Lee Harvey Oswald. Is that what truly happened? Most Americans believe now that his murder was the result of a conspiracy. I believe that the Mafia and individuals involved with the Mafia in organized crime payed Lee Harvey Oswald and another unknown individual to kill Kennedy. There is very good evidence out there, that the Mafia was behind the murder of President Kennedy.Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald was a person that had many ties to organized crime, and thats to say the least. Another person that was near the murder scene was Jim Braden, an individual with a very long criminal record and mob ties. He was near the Dealey plaza at the time of the assassination, and was later arrested at a building near the Schoolbook depository by police. Oswald also associated with individuals that seemed sketchy. One of the individuals he associated with regularly was David Ferre, who also had ties to organized crime. All the evidence I stated points fingers toward the Mafia. Oswald also had an Uncle that he lived with and the Uncle was “a bookie and under the control of Carlos Marcello (Theory: The Mafia P.9)”. Lee Harvey Oswald was surrounded by organixed crime growing up The real question is why would the Mafia want to kill Kennedy? John Kennedy’s brother Robert, left office to run a operation to try an stop organized crime and the Mafia. Due to his actions, the Mafia was starting to get angry. More people were being arrested, and more neighborhood... ... middle of paper ... ...etings and Oswald’s partner in the task at hand. Carlos Marcello payed them very weel. As the date of the soon to be assassination approached, Oswald and his partner checked out the presidents route and figured out the best areas to get four shots off. When the day approached Oswald set up at the Texas Schoolbook Depository, and the other unknown killer set up at the Dealey Plaza. As soon as they had clear shots at the President on Elm Street each, three bullets were fired. Oswald shooting one, and his partner shooting two. Two of those three bullets struck the President and killed him. Oswald was later arrested, and then killed by Jack Ruby. He left the world no answers. Jack Ruby killed Oswald for the sake of the Mafia and Marcello, making it challenging for Marcello and the Mafia to be accused for the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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