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Shakespeare’s Hamlet provides its readers with so many insights. These insights are based on deceit, madness and the most important: revenge. Literally, the whole play is based on inadequate quest for revenge. The selected soliloquys reveal Hamlet's negative self-concept, deep relationships and more importantly: the seeking of revenge. Hamlet is a baffled character.
Life is pointless to Hamlet. He is seen as a complex character with a powerful passion and deep emotions. One of the first revelations of Hamlet's character is seen when he is opened to the truth that his uncle murdered his father and married his mother. He is devastated. “How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable/ seems to me all the uses of this world!”(1.2.133-134). In this quote we can clearly see that Hamlet feels that he would rather die than live with such moral pain. Later on, as he watches the actors fulfil their duty, he again realizes that he cannot cry or avenge his father's death saying: “Oh, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!”(2.2.545). He is completely sensitive to his family crisis and bewails his inability to act, adding to his feeling of uselessness and anger. He thinks of himself as a lowly man—feeling ashamed because an actor is able to produce emotions for fictional person, while Hamlet is experiencing a true tragedy and yet he cannot even act his part. Due to his regret, Hamlet feels so angry and hopeless that he curses himself saying: “He is an ass, a whore and a scullion”. He makes excuses and seeks diversions about viewing himself as a coward. He is lost because he cannot achieve his goal. Hamlet is well aware of his actions and thoughts and is very clever as witnessed in his language use. Hamlet realizes near the end of the...

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...e will be able to make his purpose more clear than ever. Not that he is not aware of his purpose or it is not clear enough; however, he will be able to understand it more.
With the help of the three soliloquys Hamlets negative opinion about himself, his relationships and his quest for revenge is revealed. The first concept unravels the baffled character of Hamlet. The following concept shows how strong he is related to his blood ones and the final one exposes Hamlet's urge for revenge and what keeps him from achieving that goal which makes him so baffled. Hamlet's character is incredibly creative, with a soul of fire and profound emotions. His character is so exotic and excitable that even to imagine to find or meet someone similar or exactly like him would be finding or meeting a person who is made out of illusion.
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