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Francesco Petrarch a great poet and best know as the founder for Humanism in 1341 reconciled Christianity and classical and Roman Greek thought in his writings and revived interest in what had been dismissed as the pagan past starting the period called the RENAISSANCE or “rebirth”. The state of focusing less on God´s interest and more on human’s interest was called the Humanism. Renaissance art was based on renewed study of the art of antiquity and of nature (Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Artists (1550).) Mainly as in the essay “ Civilizations of the Renaissance” by Jacob Burkhdart argues, in the Medieval times the focus was religion salvation but during the Renaissance, Humanism and the need for individuals to reach their highest potential rose up to rival the goal of salvation.. As some background, Middle Ages which lasted from the fall of Rome in the 5TH Century up to 14th Century were time of darkness. This period was characterized by the lack of intellectual and economic progress, by a strong Catholic Church, which oppressed self expression and a feudal system that accentuated...

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