is equailty possible in socity

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When it comes to equality within out society it is not possible since people we as humans will not give into equality because of our radical thinking. Many people believe that equity is not possible since we as human will try to rule the weak regardless of who they are. Sigmund Freud was a scientist and physician but also believed that equality is not possible since our own “Super Ego” will over power us and takes control of what we need to. “The super-ego, which thus takes over the power, function and even the methods of the parental agency, is however not merely its successor but actually the legitimate heir of its body” (Freud Sigmund, 1932 Pg. 295). According to Freud we all posses a super ego but what makes us different form each other is what we allow our ego to do. Some people allow their ego to over power them to the point that they act without knowing. When Freud said “The super-ego, which thus takes over the power” (Freud Sigmund, 1932 Pg. 295). Freud is saying out ego has the ability to over power us to the point that it becomes us. The fact that our ego wants to be control of other proves that equality is not possible within out society since we as human will fight whoever the weak is, so we can be in control of them. Another theorist that will agree with Freud is Lester Ward; Ward believes that men are the type that will control women since they feel they are the most powerful. Ward feels that females need to be able to stand up for themselves and take control over what men believe in. “The change, or progress, as it may be called, has been wholly in the male, the female remaining unchanged. This is why it is so often said that the female represents heredity and the male variation” (Ward Lester, 1903 Pg. 343). In oth... ... middle of paper ... ...we have the same opportunity to survive as the rest of the people. At the same time history has proven that the strongest will get overthrown by the week until there is a new balance of equal control for everyone, but much like everything else one person will want all the control for himself until the weak will try to remove the strongest from power. In our society the top 1% is in control. The middle class and the poor are forced to do whatever they say since the 1% control the laws being made and which laws to rewrite. In order for change to occur we first need to distribute the power evenly, and at the same time learn to work together for the grater good. If we do not learn how to share power in our society, then we can never have equality in our society, and will be left to fight one another until a new power becomes in control and the process will repeat.
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