is Danish literature hot?

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Even though my bachelor degree is in linguistics and world literature it is necessary to confess, that my knowledge in Danish fiction is far from excellent, if not bad. Having that in mind all commentary that will follow are to be given with humble appreciation on critic on the subject. In this essay I will attempt to use in full the spectrum of knowledge in literature and all the “linguistic instruments” that I have received during my education, to attempt a timid exploration in the field of Danish literature. And so I begin. With the swift pace of modernization today, and the flooding of the market with various gadgets for entertainment, we see the numbers of reading people to shrink to lesser and lesser with each year. I am not even sure how many people today recognize the verb “reading” as the deep process of diving into a world of fiction and losing perspective of time, space and reality. With inventions like the Kindle, the number of people who have actually touched a real book is also going down. What is left for the act of going to a real library or identifying yourself with your favorite character from the first book you read, or getting obsessed with the title that has haunted your dreams night after night until you closed that last page? What’s more few are the people of our generation that have the patience to sit down and analyze, and read, and spare time for reading when they can be online, on facebook or they can just wait for a couple of months to see the movie and then just pretend they have read the whole book. And the whole process of extracting information from the movie is completely different from the process of extracting information from the original source – the book. Books teach you how to live, Movies ... ... middle of paper ... not only Danish fiction, but the whole world book production can and will be “hot”. You can buy and sell books all over the world, to find new interesting texts and to have access to everything. If we want to live in a real, modern information society, this is one of the ways to reach it – reading. Radio, Television and movies are not enough. Self discipline and culture must be the basis for building up strong new society. And in the end, what actually means “hot”? A Bestseller? Hot can be understood in the category of “Fifty shades of Gray”, or “Lolita”, also it can be understood in the terms of “Crime and punishment”?...But in connection to History, I think, for the North nations “hot” can really mean cold! Extremely, dangerous cold. Cold as Odin. …So when we found out so many new things, yes, Danish fiction is really hot! In all of the terms it can be. .

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