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There are quite a few differences that I could find, between the Bible accounts and The Ten Commandments movie about Moses and his life. First is the difference in the Bible story of Moses’ life and the movie version. For example, the Bible never says anything about Moses’s time as a young adult, perhaps because it was not significant enough. And there is about a forty year gap in the Bible and the movie fills some of that in. We really don’t know if the Pharaoh loved him as much as he did in the movie, I guess it is possible though. We also don’t really know if Moses was ever in love before Sephora, because there is no evidence in the Bible for Nefritiri, or any princess in line for the throne. Also in the movie it shows Moses having a girlfriend or some relationship like that, but in the Bible there is no mention of it. The Bible also never mentions the name of the Egyptian worker Moses killed, and it does not talk about the Hebrew that Moses saved. In the Bible, Moses may have killed an Egyptian by accident, for whatever reason, and death of the Egyptian is different betw...

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