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“Irises” By: Van Gogh This past weekend I went to the Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The one painting that caught my eye was Van Gogh’s “Irises”. It is an oil painting on canvas. Looking at Van Gogh’s master piece, it seemed as if he transformed nature differently.The painting is a landscape with an eloquent view of flowers. There is an intensity of light, colors, and space. He compressed space,so the flowers are compressed against the canvas. The violet irises only catch the viewer’s attention. They have to realize that this painting is like looking at a photograph because there are rows of flowers in the background. He used different textures and everything has its own distinctive feel. There is an absence of straight lines. The painting has different angular shapes and outlines. Everything has its own meaning, through the violet irises to the gold marigolds. The viewers are able to see the long green stems growing from the flowers. But, there is one white iris growing with all the violet irises. Van Gogh was an artist of impressionism. This painting is post impressionism. There is a sense of emotion, due to the fact all the flowers seem claustrophobic. Assuming that the painting seems claustrophobic,Van Gogh was in an emotional state that he did not have any space. This painting seems like a realistic photograph. There is no reason why the violet irises are in front, the marigolds on the left, and the white irises in the background. Van Gogh wanted to get the point across of the wonders of nature. He wanted to show that nature is different, it is about the study of life, and finding yourself. The gorgeous flowers range in size. The violet irises are compressed and stand out. The marigol... ... middle of paper ... ...s make the painting shine. I thought it was very clever to put the white iris with the violent ones. It makes the viewer wonder why it is there and the significance. His painting looked very realistic because I felt that I had a landscape view of a gorgeous field of flowers. Van Gogh really captured the beauty of nature. Van Gogh’s portrayal on nature made me understand that life is full of color and beauty. Previously, I did not care for art. I would look at a painting, think it is beautiful, and move on. Going to the Paul Getty Museum was a real eye opener, because it made my perspective change. Now I understand that there is always a meaning to a picture. Artists work hard to make their paintings unique and different. The artist put dedication in their work because they want to be unique and catch the viewer’s attention. Van Gogh was an artist that did so.

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