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Propaganda technique Bandwagon – The 10 games launching out to market for PlayStation4 gamers, ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’, ‘The Elder scrolls’, ‘fight night’,’ Devil May Cry’, ‘Deus Ex’, ‘Batman Arkham’, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Red Dead’, ‘Vanquish and Half Life’, mostly game user will purchase the console set,when the 10 games they are been waiting has launch out together , some gamers prefer to buy the set even when only one of the games is launched in the selling market or games of their preferred choice. Sony PlayStation4 reports show that over 80 million consoles have been sold after launch out and claim 10 x more powerful previous console, a solid piece of hardware shell is both matte and shiny plastics. Sony released their best new controller dual shock 4 and changed radically weighty and solid, new controller’s analog sticks are tighter and flatter, easier gripping ridges as well as the triggers have improved greatly, clickable touch sensitive pad is placed front and centre has streamline user interface has the potential, allow extra navigation options and a light bar contextually changes colours on the back during game play, the system feature no longer does the ‘start’ and ’select’ buttons instead, it has an ‘ Options’ button, which consolidates the duties of the previous two, and a ‘share’ button, option to a screenshot of the gameplay, upload videos or pause a game by clicking a little oval at the touchpad on the left hand side. Card Stacking – Ipad Mini Ultrafast wireless will access the things right from IPad mini to sync and in touch, The next Facetime calls and iMessage, battery power for longer hours of usage for the new apps, movie and books, Wi Fi with two antennas to perform twice the speed, with dual band and Wi-Fi... ... middle of paper ... ... ITunes, As for updates of applications is a must every time before you can access or log in and play the games, but able to access to log in to applications as and when if no updating is needed. As for WD My cloud Ex4 after years of testing found that the slide-out plastic caddies used by NAS enclosures are the most breakable parts for whole setup, entire consumer NAS systems are scrapped because a couple of the caddies broke, prohibitively expensive to get replacement hunks of plastic. Guards against power supply failure, and power adapters do fail now and then, mostly on devices such as routers, most likely to suffer a regular power outage, than power supply failure. PlayStation4 USA games launch out later than Japan version on some games, Playstation3 games can’t be played in PlayStation4.Need to have a Television connect PlayStation4 console in order to play.

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