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Seawater intrusion (SI) into freshwater aquifers is a significant and widespread environmental issue in coastal areas since groundwater salinity can lead to reduction in freshwater availability and degradation of groundwater quality (Werner et al., 2013). Deterioration of freshwater aquifers because of SI may affect agriculture, vegetation and, this can cause serious damage to ecosystem health. Turkey surrounded by the sea on three sides has a long coastline. Çanakkale located in NW Turkey (Figure 1) is the city that has country's second longest coastline (671 km). Since groundwater demand increases gradually in the city built on an alluvial plain, the number of water boreholes drilled increases rapidly. Excessive groundwater pumping from these boreholes is the main cause of lowering the water table below the sea level. In this case, there is a common risk that seawater may overflows to freshwater aquifer; therefore, fresh groundwater may not be used due to salinization of shallow freshwater resources in the plain.
Since seawater has very high conductivity, the direct current resisti...

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