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Why do students read literature? They read literature for various reasons. Some prefer to enjoy literature, like curling up to a good book on a rainy day. Others read for information about people and places from the past. Literature, including plays, poems, short stories, and novels, has existed since the beginning of time. Most authors wrote so their story wouldn’t be forgotten. Typically writers used their own name, but some chose to use a pen name for numerous reasons. For example, Marian Evans, a novelist from the 1800s, used the pen name George Eliot because women writers of that time were not highly respected. The women who did write often wrote love novels, but Marian wanted to write about much more advanced things. Today, she is famous for her gritty realism, psychological insight, and idealistic moralizing. By researching George Eliot’s background, completing a literary analysis on “The Lifted Veil” and responding to it personally, a person can understand literature better. Author Background English author George Eliot was born Marian or Mary Ann Evans in Warwickshire, England on November 22, 1819. Growing up, she was a strong believer and follower of the Bible under her father’s strict belief in God. She began teaching Sunday school at the age of twelve to the local farmers’ children. Unfortunately, she had to quit education after her mother’s sudden death in 1836. At that point she became her father’s primary caregiver and household slave (Allingham, 2001). In 1841, when her brother married and took over the family home, she and her father moved to Coventry. In the city, she was exposed to a variety of new experiences she had never even heard of in small town Warwickshire. In Coventry, she met Charles and Cara Bray, ... ... middle of paper ... ...because they weren’t at their full potential, it wouldn’t mean as much. I might become bitter like Latimer, because after working my whole life to be better, it was handed to me. No one ever really gains anything when things are just handed to him or her. We read literature for countless reasons. Often, we read the stories we are familiar with, never willing to read outside the box. I would have never read one of George Eliot’s works on my own. Reading the short story, “The Lifted Veil,” taught me it’s okay to go outside my comfort zone. Even though the language wasn’t something I was used to, the story line was. I was able to relate to Latimer on many levels, despite the fact that he lived 200 years before me. I learned that even though my life is good, it won’t be great until I venture out. Sometimes we must explore new things to really start living.

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