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F. Scott Fitzgerald was once quoted saying ”You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” If this is the case F. Scott had a lot to say and almost every time what came out was a wonderful piece of literature. F. Scott’s stories will go down in history as some of the best telling’s of the average person striving for “the American dream”. To truly understand his work you must know his back round, know that he started in the quiet tranquil town of St. Paul and know that his story abruptly ended in the bright and fast passed city of Hollywood California. The story winters tale hold true to his patented theme of a characters wanting more then what they have and the tragedy of getting this dream and realizing the goal wasn’t all it was cut out to be when reality sets in.
F. Scott’s life is a story of a great writer born in the shadows of a poor family, which gave him experience. It leads to a college life where he shined above the rest with skill but falls with grades, which leads him to join the Great War. He eventually meets the love of his life Zelda and moves out of the country where he writes the great Gatsby.
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was a 1920’s novelist and short story writer who is considered to be among the greatest twentieth-century American writers. Born on September 24, 1896, he was the only son of a working class father and a, working-class mother. He was the product of two traditions: while his father's family included authors his mother's family was, in Fitzgerald's own words, "traditional hard nose Irish." As a result of this combination, he was drawn toward the idea of the American dream: for him, it was at one time a great dream.
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... many of his story.
Dexter green is the main character of winter dream he like the others fell in love with girls they hardly knew and didn’t run with in the same circles but were infatuated with them or possibly the idea of them. Supported by the text in both stories once they get the girl they realize she isn’t what they had always dreamed.
In conclusion these stories directly link F. Scott’s real life experiences to his telling’s. He started off in the quiet small town of St. Cloud and ended up traveling the world with the woman of his dreams, this lavish lifestyle could be something he could have dreamed of in his childhood or in the ideas for one of his novels he truly found his American dream and caught it while in his adulthood. He couldn’t have done it without his stories, his dreams were eventually made a reality built on the telling’s of dreams.
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