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As an employee with Kramer Electronics, I was recently given a promotion that brings with it new responsibilities. Though I am grateful for the opportunity, I do have one concern. Throughout college, I was able to dedicate my time and give back to a variety of organizations within my community. With this new position, however, I do not have as much time to devote to community service as I once did. Additionally, I have noticed that there is no formal program in place that gives employees the opportunity to give back to the community. To alleviate this issue, I recommend that Kramer Electronics implement a corporate volunteer program. Through my research, I have found that a growing number of companies are allowing employees to take a paid day off work to volunteer their time for special community projects. A committee within the company is chosen and along with employee input, they select the project for each month. Allowing employees to volunteer on a regular basis will build lasting relationships with the community in which we serve.

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In today's business environment, there is a growing demand for social responsibility. Many organizations are moving past the standard of cash-only donations to much more innovative solutions that engage their employees in better serving their communities. One way companies are encouraging their employees to give back is through the implementation of corporate volunteer programs. These programs help build lasting relationships between the company and the communities in which they operate. Corporate volunteer programs offer many benefits; however, at this time, Kramer Electronics currently does not provide such a fundamental program within the company.

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...r for Corporate Citizenship reports that companies with extensive corporate community involvement programs consistently attract the best new talent (Rochlin, 2000).

Many companies have implemented successful volunteer programs; one of which is the McGraw-Hill company. McGraw-Hill’s wordsmiths are professional writers who assist business, financial and education sectors. This company has created an annual Global Volunteer Day, which includes thousands of employees across almost every time zone, working on dozens of individual community projects. Through this program, the employees are gaining important team-building skills by working with different people. The company also has an employee volunteer grant program which helps further support the organizations for which they volunteer, by matching employee contributions to not-for-profit arts causes (Pollitt, 2009).
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