into the wild

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Into The Wild Explorers are always pushed to their limits. Their motivation varies but also shows their human ability. Great journeys are from the motivation from within and are either made or broken. Many have tried and many have failed but it is what you bring from it that really matters. In Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer states that exploring nature brings personal awareness. Chris McCandless, a North Carolinian, has gone through a rough childhood. Chris didn’t get along with his parents very well and his dad had 2 marriages at the same time. Chris was a man that was all for adventures. He loved to explore. Chris one day decided he was ready and had had enough of society and went exploring. Chris wanted to know who he really was and be with nature. Chris’ journey took him to Alaska where there he died of starvation. Chris had been gone for around 2 years when his death was told and his family had found out. “I am reborn. This is my down. Real life has just begun.” (Krakauer 168). Chris wrote this in his journal while on his travels to Alaska. Because he loved exploring nature, Chri...

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