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What is the difference between being an expert, and a punctilious employee? The distinction is , as always, Intuition. Experts are able to make quick and effective decisions under stressful situations compared to an individual that only follows protocol. After reading, David Klein’s work I learned that individuals who strictly follow procedures are not always an asset to the company, but rather experts who relies on their intuition and experiences because they bring a certain insight to a company and situations. When does an individual become an expert? “Do people either have to just follow procedures, or do they have to abandon all procedures and use their knowledge and their intuition?”(Edge). David Klein, proposed these two essential questions in order to understand how system one and system two thinking effects an individuals expertise. David Klein states, “System one is really about intuition, people using the expertise and the experience they’ve gained. System two is a way of monitoring things, and we need both of those, and we need to blend them, and so it bothers me to see controversies about which is the right one, or are people fundamentally irrational, and therefore they can’t be trusted?”( edge). After reading, David Klein’s breakdown of system one and system two I realized that it is essential for an individual to use both systems in order to be effective not only in a work environment but in everyday events. For example, let’s say I was a train conductor who relied only on system one or intuition all of the time I could skip over dyer procedures that could cause me to derail the train and causing a catastrophe. On the other hand, lets say I was a small plane pilot that only functioned on System t... ... middle of paper ... ...wart potentially harmful plans. Finally, She practiced the difficult decision process daily by making snap decision to know when to be intrusive in the girls private lives, being detailed in information she receives, and being open and warm to the girls to allow a bond to be made so she can develop unique plans on how to protect them from harm. In conclusion, I learned the David Klein places a huge emphasis on experience and that combined with knowledge creates an effective expert. In addition, David Klein believed that one cannot depend on intuition alone, but if one combines tactic knowledge, and explicit knowledge with intuition then they will develop an expertise that one who strictly follows rules cannot understand. Also, David Klein makes it clear that even though, quick - decisions may work at times one must continuously improvise and adapt plans.
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