internet monitoring

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The Internet is one of the most used and useful tools that have blossomed in modern society. It is something that can be innovated and renovated and spans the national boundaries facilitating free flow of information worldwide. The Internet not only allows us to communicate with other people in the United States, but it allows people to communicate among people around the world. People have access to virtually anything that has been put onto the Internet, however some government regulations from other countries may prevent access. Monitoring the Internet has been a controversial issue regarding who should have access to the Internet, what is being put up, and what is being blocked. Some believe the Internet is a human right, while others believe it is a privilege and should be monitored by the government and businesses for their employees. There are both benefits as wells as negatives regarding whether the Internet should be monitored at all, if so, who monitors the internet and what rules are implemented.

The Internet has allowed people to express ideas and communicate with each other around the world. Those that are against the government’s interference and monitoring of the Internet believe that they are entitled to privacy and the freedom of self-expression. The Clinton Administration wanted to enable a way to trace potential threats to the United States Government by accessing confidential information, tapping into conversations through the Internet and phone calls. “While privacy faces threats from both private and government intrusions, the existing motley patchwork of privacy laws and practices fails to provide comprehensive protection. Instead, it causes confusion that fuels a sense of distrust and ske...

... middle of paper ... for years without many censorships and regulations. Also, if the U.N. were to take charge, the cost to deliver their services globally would be far too costly for website like google. Since many Countries have their own agendas and policies implemented, there is no need for the U.N. to regulate the Internet.

Since Internet monitoring is a controversial issue on a political and societal scale, it has both negatives and positives that benefit both the government and people. Although some may oppose Internet monitoring, it is necessary in some circumstances. It can help prevent and detect cybercrime, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and terrorism. However, over bearing monitoring policies often result in censorship and the suppression of unpopular ideas. The Internet should and possibly will always remain decentralized without being regulated by the U.N.
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