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In our society, there are a lot of systems for us to choose to follow, such as liberalism, realism and historical materialism. However, every of them has their dark sides and attractive parts. In my essay, it is divided into mainly three parts. Firstly, each part I will briefly introduce the basic concepts to you and the following I will analyze the drawbacks of them. At last, I will discuss with you the attractive parts of these three perspectives.

Liberalism as a political and moral philosophy, which is focused on two major principles. They are individualism and liberty. Firstly, liberalism set the individuals at the core of society. They believe that the greatest value of social order is built around the individual. Secondly, the main purpose of society is to allow individuals to achieve their goals and reach full potential if they want to. Therefore, in this modern century, majority of people prefer their states to execute in liberal way, especially in economic aspect.
There are various pros and cons in the concepts of liberalism. For the disadvantage, the liberals may not tackle the social problems. For example, while the global economy turns down, little government involvement may raise the unemployment rate. Beside, majority of people can enjoy the voting right, however, not every participant understands the issue that he/she voted for. It is not fair for the rational decision maker. Furthermore, liberals are less concerned about distribution issues and less likely to shorten the wealth gap between strong states and weak states.

In addition, both historical structuralists and realists judge that liberalism seems apathetic in the power distribution issues. The powerful states get...

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... natural gas and fossil fuels can be distributed to every state. Why there are still have people suffering in starving in Africa? It is all about the uneven distribution of resources in the world. If we execute historical materialism, supporting redistributing the resources, every state can get particular proportion amount of their resources. The world definitely will be much better and fair.
After analyzing these three perspectives, I found that a new model might be appeared if we mix these three ingredients and modify it a little bit. Since they have their own advantages and disadvantages, we pick up some useful materials such as the concepts of free market and rational thinking of decision makers, then there will be a new approach to international relations. I hope that after a decade we will make a brand new international relation theory happen.
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