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Historical Context
While India is home to about 900 million people with diverse language, religion, and ethnicity, they are also one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the United States. (Hicky, 2006) About eighty-two percent of all Indian's are Hindus, twelve percent are Muslim, while the rest makes up Christians, Sikh's, Buddhists, and a couple other religions. (Pavri, 2014) In regards to language, Hindi and English are only two of the many other dialects spoken in India. (Pavri, 2014) Despite it's diverse and growing population, Asian Indian Americans are still considered a minority in the United States. Although it is important to look at Asian Indian American's life in the United States and their journey here, I believe that looking into their lives in India will give a better understanding of how immigration has impacted them and show how life in Indian differs and compare to life here and the oppression that Asian Indian Americans faced and overcame.
Indian Society & Culture
The Indian Culture differs greatly from the “standard” western culture which made it even more fascinating to learn about. From their colorful traditions, clothing and rituals, to their delicious looking food and religious practices, Indians has been a remarkable identity group to research. An example of one of the many exciting traditions would be the way they celebrate Indian wedding ceremonies and the fact that arranged marriages were of great importance in earlier centuries. Arranged marriages are when parents of each child collaborates and decide whether or not their child should marry or not. It is said that typical Indian wedding ceremonies lasts for up to three days not to mention how big the ceremonies are! (Hicky, 2006) However, som...

... middle of paper ... which allows so much freedom while keeping up with your own culture and identity makes it difficult to maintain both your identities. While they want to maintain their Indian identity, how do they handle deep down not really agreeing with some of their own traditions? It could be what has led Indian families to start allowing more freedom in their households.
Asian Indian Americans face a variety of stereotypes throughout the media as well as in everyday life. On television shows, Asian Indian Americans would always be the “tech-friendly” friend, the nerd, or just the side-kick. The reality of it is that you very rarely see any minorities in the media. Sad to say that those who are minorities in the United States are still minorities in movies, shows, and other media. A couple more preconcieved notions about asian indian americans is that they
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