inaugural address

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On Thursday January 20th 2005, President Bush delivered his second inaugural address after being sworn in for his second term. In his address Bush promised to keep his word and fulfill his duty as president of the United States. These duties have not been upheld according to the numerous protestors who showed up at his Inauguration. In his Inaugural Address Bush discussed many things.
The inaugural address was a speech which would reassure the American people that President Bush will lead us to victory. In the Address Bush promises to fulfill the oath that he has sworn. He said “ The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands The best hope for peace in our is the expansion of freedom in all the world” ( This meant that in order to maintain peace and freedom we must help the countries who suffer in dictatorship and terrorism. Peace and freedom are America’s vital interests. Every person in this world is said to have equal rights. “ No one deserves to be a slave” said Bush ( The address says that the United States policy is to support the growth of democratic movements. Bush also said that he will tighten security. The government is working to improve security tactics and make sure its is strong and effective. Bush will make clear to other nations the choice between oppression and freedom. He said that the people do not and will not be “bullied”. He wants them to stand fo...