in dustrial revolution

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The Industrial Revolution is one the most influential time periods in world history. It is responsible for the emergence of some of the greatest contributions to mankind. Technology and innovation, united to pave the way for the fundamental components of society which are taken for granted today. Furthermore, the Industrial Revolution affected the world on social, economic, cultural, and political levels significantly, these issues had to be addressed in order for the industrial revolution to function and continue to lead the world in the right direction. Moreover, society and economics were at the center of the revolution and continues to be in this present day.

The Birth of Industrialization
Modernization is a call for transformation in which it is generally common throughout history. Prior to the commencement of the Industrial Revolution earning a living to support a family was very difficult in spite of society’s simplistic way of life. In fact, many individuals produced their own goods and cultivated their crops in order to survive. Eventually, this way of life soon became obsolete due to the modernization practices used in the production process. Moreover, many of the great advances and innovations created during the Industrial Revolution caused a shift from economies based on agriculture and handcrafts to economies based on manufacturing. Duiker and Spielvogel wrote: “for the first time large quantities of goods are produced for the lowest cost with the use of machines and automated factories” (Duiker, 543). Consequently, this sparked changes in textile production and created a new labor system that is introduced into factories. In addition, the expansions of the workforce led to the emergence of children into t...

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...society cannot dispute that today’s world would not exist in its current form without the progression of the Industrial Revolution. Nevertheless, it had its consequences. Moreover, many new ideas led to innovations that predetermined a series of important and irreversible events. These events were intended to the benefit society, but were tainted with undesirable results. Unfortunately, for all of the greatness of the Industrial Revolution it did not prevent many of the ruthless business practices at the onset of the revolution. Many of these practices led to the exploitation and suffering of men, women, and children. These abuses were allowed to thrive for too long from the discernment of local and national governments. Eventually labor laws were created by governments to institute labor reforms and improve working conditions that today’s workforce still benefits.
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