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Immigrants help the economy United States is a country that was developed and nourished due to the immigrants from all over the world. U.S. is a country of immigrants and a place where every individual, from anywhere, can pursue his/her American Dream. Looking back at the history, one will know how much immigrants have contributed to this country. For example, look at the history of Industrial revolution and Gold Rush, one will see the changes and effects of the arrival of the immigrants. For a very long time, immigrants were segregated in United States, but now immigrants are considered equal in every manner. Immigration is the basis of the foundation that United States is built upon and due to this foundation, United States has emerged as a global power and one of the strongest and wealthiest countries in the world. Immigrants play a large role in the development and history of the United States, but people, in today’s society, take immigrants as a danger to the development and citizens of the U.S. One of the main factors that immigrants are mostly related to is the economy. Furthermore, Economy plays a huge role in the U.S. and people think Immigrants are weakening U.S. economy. In reality, Immigrants benefit the society as a whole and also strengthen our economy. Immigrants help the economy because they increase tax revenue, create jobs, and provide new talent to our country. Immigrants help increase tax revenue which benefits the country as a whole and boosts up our economy in many ways. Whenever immigrants start their small businesses, they provided a part of their income to tax department, therefore increasing the tax revenue. Many issues have been risen toward immigrants not helping U.S economy since most of the immigran... ... middle of paper ... ...and maintains a stable and efficient economy. Immigrants are important part of our society and contribute to our economy in a great manner. They bring in new talent, jobs, and money into our economy thus maintain an efficient and structured economy. The issues about legalizing illegal immigrant have caused a great disrupt in today’s society since people mostly have a negative connotation about legalizing illegal immigrant. People need to look at the economy as a whole rather than from an individual viewpoint in order to understand the benefits of immigrants in our economy. We also need to understand that our ancestors were also immigrants in this country and if they had the right to live in this country, so do the people who are immigrants. Legalizing immigrants would cause a great disrupt in our society and economy, but it will surely be beneficial as a whole.

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