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The Guadalupe School is a unique community school located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers a continuous range of educational and wellness services to economically disadvantaged students from birth to 6th grade along with non-English speaking adults. The mission of the Guadalupe School is to build a community of students, staff, and volunteers in order to fight the cycle of poverty. Guadalupe is far from a typical school it houses five programs within one school which include: In-Home, Toddler, Preschool, Charter School, and Adult Education. These programs are designed to connect individuals to their community, by providing students and families with a welcoming place to learn and the chance to find better opportunities. Therefore, Guadalupe’s instructional practices are student and family centered with a huge emphasis on early childhood development with the goal each students enters kindergarten ready to learn. Students are set up for success from the beginning and prepared for college throughout their attendance at Guadalupe. I had the opportunity to observe the Guadalupe School’s Adult Education program which offers English language instruction, citizenship classes, and computer classes. This program is volunteer-supported with 150 tutors providing over 21,000 instructional hours. The ESL classes are offered Monday-Thursday in the evening and Family Literacy classes two mornings per week. The volunteer coordinator explained that many of these families are working multiple jobs and have limited resources. In order to accommodate learners and encourage attendance, transportation is provided along with childcare and snacks. As a result this has been one of the top performing adult programs in the state with a 75% attendance... ... middle of paper ... ...ble to them. Through this assignment I have found a community program which helps families with literacy, parenting, and learning English. Guadalupe school is among several organizations, and I am currently in the process of researching other organizations to add to my compiled list of resources. Overall, I was impressed with the Guadalupe School and the way involve immigrant families in the community. Indeed schools like Guadalupe remind me of the reasons why I want to become a teacher. I wish other people had the opportunity to observe these families, because I feel many stereotypes and misconceptions would change. These families are working hard to provide their children with the opportunity for a better life. This means going to an evening ESL class after a long day at work. In the hope that learning English will improve their own opportunities.

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