ietary Analysis Case Study Assessment

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Case Study Scenario LB is a 24 year old female account manager at an advertising agency. She works 12 hour days and goes through phases of eating well and badly. She lives with a friend, never cooks and has little time to exercise. Her height is 172cm and her weight is 72 kg. LB has recently been feeling tired and moody and was recommended to see a Nutritionist by her Mother. LB does not see the connection between her diet, lifestyle and the way she feels. The nutritionist asked a series of questions regarding LB’s dietary intake, the results of her questioning are listed below: Breakfast: Two pieces of white toast at work, one with vegemite and one with peanut butter (commercial brand). Skim milk instant coffee with two teaspoons of sugar. Lunch: Her favourite lunch is packaged hot and spicy two minute noodles (prepared in microwave at work). Client meetings generally offer lunch of chicken sandwiches (Turkish bread) or Brie cheese wrap which LB enjoys. If eating out LB prefers sushi (four plates of vegetarian sushi). If busy LB will often skip lunch (two days per week on average). Snack: Chocolate or potato chips from the vending machine at work. LB has a second coffee or a diet cola. Dinner: Frozen dinners such as beef lasagne, chicken curry with white rice or spaghetti bolognaise. However, dinner often comprises of snack foods which need little preparation such as: brie cheese and biscuits, pickles, Jatz crackers and chilli feta. Beverages: The culture at work is to have alcoholic beverages from 5pm, so two days per week LB may have a low carb beer or glass of white wine at work. When out with friends (every Saturday night), LB prefers to drink pear cider (6-7 units). Answer the following questions: ... ... middle of paper ... ...ties with following the diet plan, as currently LB eats quick prepared meals. LB would have to make some major changes in regards to time management to allow for preparing lunch for the next day, also LB will be doing a lot more cooking and preparation. With the snack machine at work and being busy LB may be tempted to just eat snacks for lunch. But hopefully as her general health improves LB may see the beneficial effects of meal preparation. LB would have to allow some time to have an exercise regime in place, probably 3 times a week whether it be walking, running or attending the gym. 8b. Describe what lifestyle changes could be implemented to help enhance LB’s health. The lifestyle changes I would recommend would be exercise 3 times a week minimum, cut down on alcohol consumption on Saturday night, also to ensure that she doesn’t skip lunch at work.

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