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When people are trying to define America, they usually use the "melting pot" analogy. This just means that cultures are melted to create one universal culture in which everyone is identical. However, I do not agree with that analogy. As a matter of fact, I think that it is unrealistic. People in America came from different background, ideologies, and cultures. Each one celebrating its own individuality. Therefore, I strongly believe that we are more like a "salad bowl". We are together, but not scrambled. We are a set of different cultures, and each one contributes in different ways because every culture has its own individual features. Even within cultures, people are so different from one person to another. The main reason is because we develop something called an identity which make us unique. Forming a solid identity is a crucial process in which you shape your ethnicity, your career and your gender. The first pillar of identity is ethnicity. Ethnic identity is the union between ethnicity and our concept of ourselves. Everyone needs to feel identified with a group in order to maintain a sense of belonging. Identifying yourself with one ethnicity helps you to understand where you come from and where you are going. People are always trying to understand who they are, but they should understand first where we came from. Your ethnic group influence in how you act and think. As an example, It would be tyrannical for a Mexican family to send their grandparents to a retirement home. Mexican are taught that family must stick together no matter what while other ethnicities see a retirement house as a viable option. Depending on your ethnic identity, you will act differently in certain life events. Also, you can combine different ethnic... ... middle of paper ... ...fear of rejection, isolation, and bullying. If they do not develop a strong identity which is based on self-esteem. They may develop mental problems as well as suicidal thoughts because they feel that nobody can understand them. They should embrace their identity, so they will not be intimidated by social pressure. It is believed that you develop your identity completely between the ages of 14-24. However, I believe that you are constantly changing your identity whether you are 18 years old or 50 years old. You are not the same person you were yesterday or 10 years ago. Within you there is your own sense of identity constructed by your environment and yourself. Understanding your own identity gives you insight into the role identity plays in life and society, and therefore, you are capable of understanding the influence that identity has in others' life and choices.

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