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This quarter, we are going to explore the meaning of identity. So as to outline what we learn looking at literature from different periods, it’s important to articulate your understanding of the concept. I believe that identity is basically who you are. It can be developed in many ways. It is developed by your character, blood, DNA, etc. Also, identity can be established by what you went through in life. Also, it can be established from birth. Your identity can change over time. Other people can affect someone’s identity by saying negative things about them. It can only affect you by how you react to it or if someone believes what they have heard about you.
My uncle Emery Lewis who is 24 years old also agrees that identity is who you are. He stated that, “Identity is simply who you are and what you are made of.” I agree with my uncle because I believe that identity is who you are. Lewis statement doesn’t really affect my stand because even though we were not born around the same time we both have similar views on it. My 62 year old grandmother Deborah Lewis believes identity is your...

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