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I have always held a special place in my heart for volunteer work. It all started in high school where I realized I wanted to do something that mattered, from then on I wanted to be the change. Volunteering of any kind had always given me motivation to strive for more and be a better person. I got started in the foster and orphan care movement when we started "adopting families" for christmas. It was all about the kids and helping them get the supplies that they needed and the toys that they wanted. I was inspired by my brothers and the life they could have had without the love and support of there family and the supplies that helped keep them warm and healthy, and the toys that made them kids. They were my motivation to make a difference for children who were not as fortunate. You are only a kid once and every child should be able to share that experience, thats what makes children so pure. Children deserve a family that can sup-ply them with long lasting memories they can cherish for years to come. I aspire to be the change the system needs. 2. What I Already Know What I currently know is that almost anyone can qualify to be a foster parent but not eve-ryone can qualify to adopt. The agencies require that you are 21 in some cases 18, in good health, adequate living space, legal residence, pass human services, and any legal guardians must be registered for that house. These are simple tasks that most of the general public can pass, put why do we not hold people to higher standards who will be taking care of someone else's child? In order for me to gain a full understanding and knowledge of the system I must learn a few things from the experts themselves. I must apply the knowledge I learn to help me actively be involved. So my... ... middle of paper ... ...ild should be left abused or neglected and want to help in the fight to finding children permanent homes that will give them long lasting memories and make each day feel magical. In the mean time I hope to fundraise money for children who are in need of new belong-ings and struggling in the foster care system. Each year hundreds of thousands of children stay in the foster care system who lack the necessities that make them feel normal. One of my missions is to give to the children, foster homes, to peer mentor children and be a lasting support as they make their journey to finding the perfect home. If you want to see a change you must be the change you wish to see in the world. My question with out a doubt has been answered but I have just begun the journey to pursue my mission. The question at hand has changed my mind to pur-sue a charity to help fund my mission.

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