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Service learning sounded like a boring thing to do, yet when I started my service learning project I made new friends outside of college and I even made some new connections that could help me out in my future career in computer engineering. At the end of my service learning hours I wanted to do more hours since what I was doing was interesting to me. When I started my service learning I was expecting it to be boring and I wanted to get it over with, but as time passed that thought changed completely. I personally saw how cultures influence how people communicate for example there was this senior in the computer lab which talked loud and since she was Cuban that was normal for her. Furthermore, service learning taught me that communication is important in my job since I’ll be doing computer engineering as my career. Group communication is also a major part since most big companies hire a set of computer engineers to work together to better the company such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple. In addition, I learned that it’s always good to be a good listener and to have patience since mo...
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