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Hunting has been a necessity for life since the start of time. Hunting was needed to feed family’s day in and day out. But in the twenty first century, Americans have evolved so hunting is not really as big of an obligation as it was in previous generations. Americans have learned to contain specific animals, such as cows, pigs and chickens, farmers then raise them and harvest them for their meat. But in some rural areas of the United States, it is a completely different aspect. Individuals who live in areas such as Alaska, Montana, and The Dakotas don’t have a local grocery store to buy their T-bone steak or ground beef. These individuals have to hunt for their meat in order to survive. Each hunter may have their own individual techniques; they may hunt for specific big or small game animals and use basic or more complex techniques. All of their different techniques come back to the basic techniques used for hunting. But all of the separate hunters have the same common goal, and that is to survive.
In the United States today, hunting isn’t as popular in populated places as it is in rural places. Primarily because humans have learned to keep the most needed animals such as cows, pigs and chickens, contained, but also because there are not as many wild animals in these populated places as there is in more unpopulated areas. For the hunters who hunt to survive, they not only hunt for the meat on the animals bones, they also hunt for the furs and pelts that the animals have. The reason hunters hunt an animal for its fur is because they can use them to trade for supplies they may need such as money, ammunition or anything they cannot make themselves. If a hunter is hunting an animal mainly for its fur, they may use a trap instead of...

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...ssic hunter with his rifle tracking an animal, but there are other hunters who use a rifle and sit in a tree stand, a chair that is attached to a tree high off the ground, or a hunting blind, a hut that precludes a hunter from being seen or smelled by nearby animals. Other forms of hunting include the use of bows and arrows. There are three types of hunting bows: the compound bow is the most common bow used today in hunting because it reduces the force to draw the string back; the second most popular bow is the crossbow, used by Daryl in the popular television show The Walking Dead, which is similar to a gun because of its body and use of a trigger but it has identical traits of other bows; the least popular bow used in hunting is the standard long bow which is the traditional bow used in some native groups of hunters because of its use in many past generations.
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