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Richard Wright’s novel Black Boy is an autobiography that represents the life and life events of an African American male growing up in the early twentieth century. Wrights mother raises after his father packs up and leaves him and his family. Richards’s highest goal in life is to make it to the north where he believes that life will be better for him he was full of hope and determination. The Jim Crow period was huge when Wright was growing up. He was deprived of many opportunities because of the color of his skin. Wright struggles with hunger his entire life, not only for food but also for love, an understanding of the world around him, and acceptance; but most significantly, Wright struggles with hunger for knowledge. Wright also has many conflicts with his family because he does not ‘act’ as one should while living in white society.
Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system, which worked primarily, but not completely in the south. Jim Crow was more than a series of anit-black laws that were very extreme. It was a way of life for the southerners and they did not know anything different. Under Jim Crow, African Americans were placed at the status of second-class citizens, lower than low. Jim Crow embodied the meaning of racism against blacks. Many preachers taught that whites were the chosen people and the black population was cursed to be servants to the white population. Many people believed and supported the fact that blacks were genetically, mentally, and socially inferior to whites. Pro-segregation representatives gave authoritative speeches on the great danger of integration. They made blacks seem like a beast and that every one of them was dangerous to society. All major social organizations mirrored and supported...

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...ays rely on other people to help him and give him what he needs. There are instants where his struggle and need for independence are mistaken for rudeness but the accusations are wrong, Wright just wanted answers. He understood that if he earned his own money he would not owe or have to depend on others for anything. He does not feel the need to ask others for help, he soon realizes that people are often alone in life. Richard also realizes that it is not an awful thing to be alone because when you are, you can think for yourself. The fact that he was independent, intelligent, and had sense of determination helped in his life. Black Boy show how life can be for not only a black boy in the Jim Crow period but also how troublesome it can be for any pre-judged minority. The story of Richard Wright will likely teach people that there is no place in the world for racism.
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