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All that Valarie could do was to try and comfort the anguish that lingered deep in her being.

Their parents always seemed so hard and stony faced towards Aunt Celia. Embarrassment flowed from their tones. There was something in the way they spoke to Aunt Celia that Valarie could not dismiss.

She would often wish to hold Aunt Celia and kiss away her pain but now that she had her own pain she could not imagine anyone kissing it away. Maybe that’s how Aunt Celia felt. However Valarie concluded that there are some pains that no one can kiss away.

Aunt Celia’s deep distress never left Valarie. Valarie remembered a conversation between her mother and her Aunt Viv. They were saying that Aunt Celia had lost her mind because of the tragedy that had occurred. It was so hard to know what was what. Whatever it was, it never left Valarie and Aunt Celia’s pain stained Valarie’s memories. So, Valarie promised herself that one day she would help her Aunt.

The mind, thought Valarie, is the doorway to our victory or our defeat. The mind is the faculty of all that we understand, perceive and do; so strong and yet so fragile, capable of so much and capable of so little. This she could understand well, because her own mind knew weakness and fragility and many a days stood very close to the edge, looking over the precipice.

Walking on a tight rope,
Standing close to the edge,
Skirting close to the rim,
Eyes dim


The unearthing had started but could they survive what was to come?
Samuel’s mind sprang into action as he tried to persuade it to be calm, as only now the name of Mr Pepper felt familiar.
He could not even find the energy to begin to contemplate how and what he would say to Valarie and Sophia. He knew...

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His sureness had irritated her. Yet, it drew her to him. The confidence he expressed in his declared love for her made her wonder if such a love was possible. Valarie had decided that even if she could not, he had enough love for both of them and that maybe one day she would be whole again and love him in the way he needed to be loved. It was for these reasons that she decided to marry him years after they first met.
It would seem that Samuel had won the battle. Valarie was surprise that she had said yes. So often she would tell herself that it was a fluke, a crazy moment when she lost her mind.
Samuel was ten years older than Valarie and he had a confidence about him that increased Valarie’s apprehensions.
Surrendering to Samuel’s love was not easy. Her heart had been well guarded as loving had proven to be a risky business and she did not think
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