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come. ‘Could this really be? Samuel lingered on the thought. It was a strange thought to have, when in fact they had not lived the life they should have. They had not faced the ghosts of their past. They had not shared their haunting secrets with each other. They had not even really tried, but like shadows lurking in the dark they sat. Hoping things would remain hidden and contained. They would be willing to settle for second best. It was an uneasy evening when there came another knock on the door. Samuel had refused to let his heart be seduced by the bellowing sound. There was the usual query from Valarie and Sophia. Samuel responded to the door without delay. ‘How can I help you sir?’ Samuel lowered his voice coaxing the man to respond in the same tone. ‘I believe you can help me’, replied the man. Samuel stepped outside pulling the door behind him. By now the two women’s attention was drawn to the hushed voices out side. Their intensity heightened by the dark shadows moving. The occasionally raised voices activated their imaginations. It was sometime before angry footsteps marched through the gate. No one knew what was exchanged between the two men, but it was clear something significant had taken place. Samuel stood outside frozen with despair. In that moment even if he wanted to he could not move. Numbness took him, overtook him, slowly moving, spreading and consuming his body. There he stood; heart and mind trying to reckon with what had just taken place. It took a while as hands moved to his chin covering his mouth, pushing back impending words. Pounding heart force the words back to the tip of his tongue. Hard as he fought he was forced to cry out in anguish. His hands strolled over his weathered baldnes... ... middle of paper ... ...f old and feeling dead, as one in a tomb, yearning and longing to escape the engulfing abyss. How strange is this Lane, layered with rotten fruits and yet able to bring forth good fruits, born out of the challenges and struggles of life. So many people find themselves living on Peach Berry Lane. They had moved there with their baggage, their heavy loads, failures and mistakes wrapped up with strings of pain and sorrow labelled with fear and doubt. In the mystery of the mind and the template of time stands Peach Berry Lane. Your deliverance or your doom! Peach Berry Lane can be whatever you choose! Samuel had drifted into the Lane. He knew it was the kind of place that once you get there it would be hard to find your way out. Nevertheless he settled in Peach Berry Lane. Lots of people lived in this Lane and any night or day you would find them

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