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HP: Potentials and Limitations

Hewlett- Packard has long been regarded as one of the companies at the forefront of the campaign for sustainable industry and responsible waste management. With the ICT sector (information and communication technologies) contributing to about 2% of the world's carbon footprints, Hewlett-Packard fully transformed its organizational structure to integrate concepts of sustainability. For instance, responsible water consumption, maximization of conference calling technologies, recycling, etc, have been included in Hewlett-Packard's day to day operations.
However, for Hewlett-Packard, sustainability is more than a banner to increase profitability and to cosmeticize the brand. HP recognizes that “sustainability, profitability, and efficiency go hand in hand. ” Thus, other than incorporating eco-friendly strategies and practices in the organizational dynamics, HP recognizes that environmental awareness also spurs development in organizatonal efficiency. An example of this is HP's maximization of their supply chain which in effect streamlines the flow of raw materials in the manufacturing process. Also, because of HP's intent in environmental concerns, key players and innovators within the organizational are also pushed to innovate and thus create and develop new products within HP's environmental paradigm.
Resources and limitations
One of HP's innovative efforts include innovations in their use of resources. One of these innovations is the development of the transparent transistor technology which utilizes low-cost and high-efficiency materials such as tin and zinc. With minimal environmental impact, these materials also allow HP for faster mobility of resources world-wide,...

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...tions to systems development and more portable devices such as tablets. While retaining its current identity may suffice for passable growth and survival of the company, it can only attain maximum growth if it adapts fully to the changing market environment. However, this entails new challenges and changes that would not be easy to tackle, but as an alternative it holds much more promises for the ICT giant.

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