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Introduction There are many people that have impacted on the country Mexico. Some of the famous people were presidents, musicians, astronauts and writers. They have showed Mexico many important things and helped to improve their technology. Here is the information on some of these famous people. Pedro Infante: Pedro was the greatest Mexican idol, and he was born in the beautiful port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, on November 18, 1917. When people in Mexico hear his name they remember his beautiful songs and films. He became one of the best singers and actors in Mexico. He worked as a barber and a carpenter before he joined the group "La Rabia". He got nominated seven times for the award "Ariel". In 1959 something very unexpected happened, the plane that he traveled smashed into land and he died. He was buried on April 18, 1959 in the presence of a hundred and ten thousand people in Mexico city. He wrote over three hundred songs and took part in over sixty one films. Over forty years ago hi life ended but he is still remembered in hearts everywhere. Rodolfo Neri: Rodolfo was the first Mexican astronaut to go into outer space for NASA. He spent seven days in outer space aboard a space shuttle called Atlantis, carrying out multiple experiments and placing in orbit the Mexican satellite Morelos 2. This showed the world that mexico that Mexico could be a leader in technology. It also showed that this country would be able to send people into outer space and that Mexico could teach people who are interested to be astronauts. Everisto Quintanilla Rojas: Everisto invented the color T.V. It first started in 1934 and that was when the first experiments were done. When he was 17 years old he went to a school that taught science and when he graduated he used that knowledge and started to invent the color t.v. He also created the first two Mexican satelites that were called Morelos i & ii. This man made a difference for Mexico because not only did he give Mexico color t.v's but they also got to speak to people in 23 other other countries outside of North America.
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