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Homosexuality is far more openly discussed now than it was back between the 1940s and 1950s. Homosexuality is defined as sexual attraction and arousal to members of the same sex. Some psychologists say that the term orientation should be used to refer to homosexuality instead of sexual preference. They say this because they believe that it should not be considered a sexual disorder because it is chosen involuntarily. Psychologists have an adequate amount of evidence that homosexuality has a genetic basis and tends to “run in the family.” I understand how psychologists are getting this information about the genetic code in homosexuals. However, I disagree that it is a biologically based orientation. I believe that it is a choice of the individual to have this same sex attraction.
There are many negative stereotypes associated with the term homosexuality. Gay is used for males with the same sex orientation, and lesbian is used for females with the same sex orientation. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are the more proper terms used by psychologists and others. The list of stereotypes about homosexuals is seemingly endless and most of it is not true. Some people believe that they flirt with any person they talk to that is the same sex as them. This statement is decidedly untrue. Homosexuals are just like every other straight individual. They are only interested in people that are their type, and they also are looking for the right someone. In my opinion, gay marriage should be legal. It is the two individuals choice. If they truly love each other then nothing should stand in the way of it. Their marriage is not hurting or affecting anyone else but themselves and their family and friends. Same sex marriage is a huge debate in Amer...

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...nder attraction than a male with a female twin. Socialization experience are the reason for this difference. The feminine behaviors of the one twin are thought to have affected the other male twin. I believe that this study is true and that males can adapt female traits which leads them to have homosexual feelings.
I strongly believe that homosexuals and heterosexuals have a choice. They choose to be attracted to a member of the same sex. They may have adapted feminine or male traits when they were younger, which may have brought major confusion into their life. However, those are just adapted traits and they do not necessarily affect their feelings on sexual preference. Homosexuality is not biologically based, but instead it is a choice. It is certainly not an easy choice or maybe it feels like an involuntary choice, but overall it is a choice by the individual.
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