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People, normally adults, usually say that homework is the best way for students to improve themselves outside of class time. Yet, they don’t think much about the feelings of the students who were put under the pressure of homeworkoverload. I didn’t say homework is bad academically. In fact, it is really good for students to understand their lesson better by doing work by themselves; as long as they are not overloadedanyway. I’m not against the idea of having more homework for students, but too much would be a different thing that I might consider. Thus, my thought is teachers shouldn’t give too much homework to their students because it would cause a great deal of stress, making the students less interactive with their families, and spend too much time doing the homework.
Parents often push their children too hard into doing their homework while they are not aware that homework might cause their kids more stress. Forcing someone, especially children, into doing something they don’t want to do, will not bring many good results. In fact, stress caused by homework would make some kids become depressed, and come to hate the work they are doing. Some of them might turn into rebellious ones. I have witnessed a lot of cases like that, when the children refuse to do their homework, simply because it is too much, and the kids have no interest in doing it. It is not usual to see this in the United States. Though, in my country, sometimes parents will use force to make their children do their homework. That only creates a big distance between the parent and the child. And guess where did the reason come from? Too much homework is the problem.
Homework really does create distance between parent and children. Not only by that reason above, b...

... middle of paper ... for students. They can spend their time doing what they like instead of being overloaded by homework. Do you find that putting students in stressful situations to achieve higher grades is a successful method? Or doing a reasonable amount of homework and actually making sure that the students learn the material in classis more successful? I’m certain that you have realized after reading my essay, homework is a great resource to practice, but having to do too much work in our free time is not motivating! It does not help us learn. Instead, it puts a lot of pressure on our minds to actually complete the assignments. I'm pretty sure if you had to do homework after work you would be pretty upset.Any school in the world right now is equivalent to a stressful job that adults have. Definitely, I do not think homework is the best way make students be successful in study.
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