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In The Odyssey, an epic poem by Homer and translated by Allen Mandelbaum, Odysseus’ character evolvement is traced through obstacles as well as overcoming them. As any character is any story would, obstacles and experiences naturally change you as a person. The trials of Odysseus forced him to change from a naive man, into a wise man. Through encounters with the Cyclops, Aeolia, Circe, Hades, Scylla/Chardybis, and Helios, Odysseus experienced emotional challenges due to being naive. In the land of the Lotus Eaters, Lastragonians, and Sirens, he embraced his inevitable leadership, due to his crew being dependent on him. All of Odysseus’ experiences and obstacles act as building blocks for Odysseus becoming the complex character he was made out to be. Through the Lotus Eaters, Cyclops, and Aeolia, Odysseus’ character goes through a transformation. After he left Troy and set off on his odyssey, he reached the land of the Lotus Eaters, where he encountered his first obstacle. He started off unexperienced, “yet he failed, he couldn’t save his comrades” (page 1). He was unaware and unexperienced, but with trial and error comes failure. After the Lotus Eaters, though, he was put in a situation forcing him to take charge as a leader, “ I had to force them back”( page 172). Odysseus “manned up” and took control of his crew leading them to safety, displaying true acts of great leadership. When dealing with the Cyclops and in Aeolia, his traits were comparable. With his encounter with the Cyclops, Odysseus had to be clever to protect himself, and lead the Cyclops out, “ I cut off two arms length of wood and asked my men to pare it down.” (page 179) He had to use his resources to save himself and his comrades. In Aeolia, he was vulnerable... ... middle of paper ... ...from the gods, some sort of arousing response. This individual action emphasizes a more foolish side to Odysseus. His obstacles in the past seemingly led him to become almost selfish, fending only for himself. Through Odysseus’ odyssey, his character grew and became more complex as time passed. In The Odyssey, obstacles and experiences help to track the change Odysseus’ character. In the beginning, he started as a young, naive, unexperienced man. Through battle, confrontation, and hardship, Odysseus became a fantastic leader, an experienced man. With great leadership and strength comes downfall, defeat and sadness. He became a complex man. As a character, difficulties help to shape the person you become, how you react to situation and cope with sadness. Odysseus’ character development throughout the story are what led him to be what we know his as, a worthy leader.

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