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The Nazis were cruel people and pedestrians used to believe every word they said and be ignore what was going on. These people were called bystanders According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust bystanders would stay put and not help any case, they knew a war was going on but they decided to not do anything about and just stay quiet. Cynthia Ozick once said “Indifference is not so much a gesture of looking away as it is an active disinclination to feel. Indifference shuts down the humane, and does it deliberately, with all the strength deliberateness demands. Indifference is as determined as any blow” (“Bystanders”). They didn’t understand that the Jews needed them but they just stood quiet and did not do anything about the war. Little by little Jews started to disappear and people knew what the Nazis were doing to them or at least had an idea about it. There was another reason why they didn’t help and it was because they were afraid of the consequences. What if they help and got killed? They didn’t want to die of course but just doing nothing was as bad, because Jews still got ki...

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