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Fast food restaurants are feeding America; and with their affordable prices and speedy food preparation it's easier to say yes than no. Even though the detrimental consequences of digesting the foods manufactured out of these places are thoroughly known for consumers to veto, they don't. Sometimes, people may not have an option to eat otherwise because of their economic standing. Many have associated these places to be the causes of the rising rate of obesity in America and others have said stated that it is the individuals responsibility to eat properly to avoid obesity. However there are two reasons. One reason is that companies make it difficult for general population to differentiate in what is healthy and what is not. The second reason is that people who are economically disadvantaged don’t have access to healthier food options, thus contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Fast food companies market any product that will sell, even if it may have little to no nutritional value or have detrimental health effects. All of this is committed legally with the help of money. They gain support from food and nutrition experts by shelving out money to organizations and researchers. Those that disagree with their practices can be handled with a lawsuit. One example of this was when Mayor Bloomberg tried to ban large sodas and sugary drinks from restaurants because of its contributing factor to obesity. This set drink and fast food companies into frenzy. They sued mayor Bloomberg and New York City, put their money to use, and hired lawyers and nutrition experts to fight in court. They won by claiming that the ban was unconstitutional according to New York City law. They also increase gross by marketing to younger children, a...

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...s for neighborhood residents, who are three to four times more likely to be obese or have diabetes than people who live on the Upper East Side. The limited accessibility of fresh foods and excess of fast food restaurants in low-income areas are a catalyst to the obesity epidemic.

The obesity epidemic is rising by a swift rate; there are two contributing factors to this. The first factor is that companies are confusing consumers on what is healthy to eat. The other factor is that poor people do not have access to healthy places to eat and end up eating affordable unhealthy food, which would be fast food. The poor people who live in food deserts end up not having many options, and the people that know what it is detrimental do not care to stop eating. This causes the food companies to continue to profit from these people whilst contributing to the obesity epidemic.