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The Qualities Of A Remarkable Nurse Leader
Leadership is a critical concept in the area of nursing. No one can ascend to leadership status without the inspiration and dedication of avid followers. Most people have witnessed the plight of an ill fitted nurse leader, who failed to capture the hearts and souls of those they lead (Feltner, Mitchell, Norris & Wolfle, 2008). In essence, a leader who is disengaged from others is ineffective in what he/she does. In order to be a successful leadership figure, one must possess inherent characteristics that translate to others, and motivate them to accomplish great feats. In order to probe these characteristics, an in depth exploration will be done on a nurse leader who has a distinct set of personal traits. The characteristics that I find most resonant when I observe my nursing leader include: empathy and caring, clear vision and strategic focus, commitment to excellence and accessibility.
Nurse Leader
I currently work in the Home Care arena. I am privileged to work in the presence of my nurse manager, who always exhibits exceptional leadership qualities. She has a tremendous commitment to excellence and an astounding ability to absorb new information until she has refined her understanding of it. She exudes an unparalleled degree of compassion and treats all employees with respect and kindness. Her crystal clear focus and critical thinking skills continually guide her to fulfill the strategic vision of the organization. Because she is a trustworthy, caring individual, I rest confidently in my assurance that she will help me whenever I have questions or issues. Inherently, she is an admirable leadership figure because she motivates others to work together in pursuit of a universal goal...

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... progressive, exceptional care. In order to become exceptional nurses that attend profoundly to their patients, employees must mimic these leadership behaviors, and model after them in all of their relationships and interactions. Healthy professional interactions can ultimately translate into healthy nurse-patient relationships. As a leader, one should take advantage of every opportunity to inspire people by identifying their contributions.
My current nurse leader superbly demonstrates the fundamental qualities of an exceptional leader. I have learned a lot from her and she motivates me on a daily basis to do the best job possible. I admire her as a leader, mentor, and trusted source of guidance, and I aspire to be just as influential as she is. Her compelling qualities have instilled me with even greater passion to continue my educations and excel professionally.
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