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“I do not see why man should not be as cruel as nature”
-Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler. His racism and crimes against humanity during World War II are still discussed today, some seventy years later. Everyone has been told disturbing horror stories of the people that were discriminated against and killed for no real reason. How could something as terrible as the Holocaust not stopped before it actually began? What was going on in this evil, crazy, demented man’s mind? Who would look up to this man, and follow every order he gave them willingly? Hitler and his army of Nazis ruled and made decisions based on anti-Semitic ideas and beliefs, false and racist accusations on the Jews, and their own giant ego.
Hitler grew up in Vienna, a country where anti-Semitic ideas and hatred for Jews was already widespread because of their Mayor. So as he grew, he simply built on these ideas that were already established in his mind. From a young age, he blamed things on others and he read anti-Jewish literature. In his mind, Jews and Communists were the enemy, even though he later became a communist himself. So, it was not like he woke up one day and started to hate everyone.
The real hatred began when he became a soldier for Germany in the First World War in 1913. He was already a resentful man because he was not promoted to one of the top ranking officers in the war. He became equally as bitter when Germany was defeated by Allies in WWI.
He was becoming sort of crazy. He believed that international bankers sold out Germany in the war and also that Jews were responsible for their loss in the war and the country’s problems. This is when the “Final Solution” ideas began to churn in his head.
Hitler fancied himself as an Aryan, a fanciful super...

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...ought to trial.
It is ironic, how this man who thought he was larger than life, could not even stand up and say “I did this. I killed all those people.” He just took the easiest way out of his crumbling plan and situation. A man, who had so much pride and had a bigger ego than a 15 year old boy, could not even face what he had done.
Adolf Hitler, Nazis, the Holocaust. What do all these words have in common? Crazy, unnecessary, racism. Any of those words could fit. World War II was maybe one of the worst times in history, a time when the ruler of Germany was probably one of the most evil men alive. Ever (Maybe second to the devil himself in my opinion) He almost completely wiped out an entire race all because he thought he was “superior”. He and the Nazis controlled things off of their hatred for others, anti-Semitic views and beliefs, and just pure ego alone.
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