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At the time that Gotham City was situated, the political condition of the country was undergoing major transition. There was great need for politicians to take up opportunities created by the masses as a leverage for their own cause. Gotham City with its infrastructure would have been an ideal situation for any political figure to take up and use it for his own advantage. Michael Curley, who has been a democratic candidate himself, was keen on individuality. He had been nominated for Boston’s mayor several times but he had not been able to achieve significant success with Congress due his criminal background. Curley would have suggested that the town continues to develop the Gotham district that was thriving and at the same time the immigrant groups should be paid more attention. Curley believed that every person is entitled to social rights. Even if he was charged with fraud himself and jailed, the Bostinanian believed in individuality. He belived that any misuse of public rights should be rectified by law. In the case of Gotham City, the rights of the immigrants were being misuse; therefore they should be given their due rights. Similarly, George Washington Plunkitt (1842-1924) would also have the opinion that people whether poor or rich should be given opportunities to rectify their situation. He believed in dealing with any situation in an honest manner, not through dishonest black mailing etc. He believed every man is an opportunist and he should use such opportunities to better his cause. Whether these opportunities comes in the form of rectification of a city living standards or investing in a project. With Gotham City’s background an opportunist should take up the situation in his own hand to improve the condition of the city. With an infrastructure like Gotham, Plunkitt would have considered the city a good investment. To improve the condition of the city, they would have to improve the living condition of the immigrants further. This way they would build a stronger city and labor force for the meager industrial structure further. On the other hand Woodrow Wilson with his Princeton background would have a different view for reorganization of Gotham City. Wilson gained a Ph.D. and professorhood when he became president of Princeton in 1902. His main concern was to reorganize the curriculum and introduction of preceptorial system of instruction to provide individualized education to the masses.

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