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During the great depression president hover did little to nothing to offer relief to the American society. By the time that Hoover had accepted the problem and took actions to solve the economic situation he had done to little too late and as a consequence his responses were seen to as further inimical to America’s ongoing situation. What remedial measures he did take were seen as unhelpful as they solely worked to revive the long-term economy of America rather than focusing on short term recovery of those hit hardest by the depression.
As a self-made man hoover believed in the ideology of rugged individualism and that the American people would pull themselves out of the current economic state. At the start of the depression Hoover choose to ignore the genuineness of claims that suggested wide spread poverty. Hoover and other officials also worked to deemphasize the depression in the hope to heighten the people’s confidence through assurance and appeals suggesting “all the evidence indicates the worst effects of the crash upon unemployment will have been passed during the next sixty days”. President waged a campaign to convince businessmen to keep wages up so that consumption levels would not decline. This approach was less than successful. While businessmen maintained wage levels temporarily, they cut back on the number of their employees because of dropping consumption levels. Hoover also failed in his confidence campaign to convince consumers to keep purchasing. Seeing other workers laid off and fearing for their own future, labourers cut back on purchases thus guaranteeing further layoffs. Hoovers negligence towards his responsibility as the president of a struggling country was his first failure in recovering the economic ...

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... let alone pay them. This left America income free in their time of economic downfall. Weather this can be seen as one of hoovers failings is controversial. It was evident that Germany was finding it close to impossible to come up with the money to pay their war depts. However it meant a loss of income to America in their time of desperation.
While hoover eventually made effects to reprieve the economy most were seen as counteractive as they avoided the main issue which was the suffrage of the unemployed and homeless and instead invested time and money in the recovery of businesses which deemed unsuccessful. The aftermath of the Hawley Smoot Tariff Bill, the failure of reviving the economic system and the effects of his generosity towards Germany demonstrate his incompetence in helping America out of the depression and how they have further added to the struggle.

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