high blood pressure

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There are so many complex factors for high blood pressure. There are environmental factors. There are genetic factors. Even race plays a huge role in what type of blood pressure is natural for that specific race. You would be amazed of how many factors are in a human being having high or low blood pressure. The traits in having high blood pressure are so complex. And what is amazing about all of these traits and environmental factors is that they are all linked together in a way. And in this essay I will explain how these traits, environmental factors, and even race are all linked in a certain complex way. Race is a big factor in having high blood pressure. In a certain race of human beings high blood pressure is more prominent. And gender even plays a key role in weather or not that person is more likely to have high blood pressure. In the African American society they tend to eat less healthy than other races. So in a table recorded, the percentage of African Americans that had high blood pressure was higher than any other race recorded. And it was ever more prominent to have hig...

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