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Racism in general just broadly describes discrimination towards a particular race or any specific individuals of a particular race, mainly based on their being a member of that specific race. Racism is a mindset that some people have which is the hatred of misconceptions or stereotypes that have been taught or picked up by that person towards that particular race. It can also be defined beyond an individual's conscious beliefs about how others are, but instead racism is defined differently from its results that occur and is known as any action that prolongs inequality, regardless of the intent of whatever was being sad at the time.
Racial formations written by Michael Omi and Howard Winant was a very interesting chapter that explain the basis of where racial discrepancies come from and what they are about. It was said in a paragraph that argued that hereditary factors revive the “nature or nurture” controversy. When this happened it raised the notion of racial inequality and it was a biological basis of race meaning this is where it all started and what we came to know about racial formations.
While social science has tries throughout the years of trying to identify the specifics of race, the social concept of it is a big part. Max Webber was a social scientist his input of race as a social concept eliminated the biological explanations and said that the social and political factors which have generated the hostility of race itself. Race itself is a “sociohistorical” concept which goes and explains that the racial categories along with the meaning of race to be derived from all the past events and happenings in history. But the meanings of race throughout time have changed. People have made their own decisions and c...

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...tual whites provided non materialistic things in which gave whites an advantage still without there being any materialistic items. This gave the northern whites that were struggling a feeling that their still better than blacks and are still to be look down upon on. With the emergence of the success in the labor force it has become the one of the defining characteristics of whiteness.
In the article “What is Race?” written by Ian F. Haney Lopez it says that when people use the term "race" they attach a biological meaning even though some scientist come to say that there is no biological foundation for race. But then there are still people who use "race" as a socially constructed concept. Even though race doesn’t have a biological meaning it does have a social meaning which has been legally constructed. There also isn’t any gene determination of one’s race.

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