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"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." How we act now, we so busy judging people that we don't even get to know them first. In our society and the novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, we casted out people and hurt them, even though they did not do anything wrong. Through these situations we notice how harsh we can be towards others that are innocent. We are prejudice to people for a lot of different reasons. Two of the reasons are to someone's religion and their differences from us, like Muslims in our society and mutants in the novel. Prejudice that happens to the Muslims and the mutants of Waknuk share the same root cause, the events that occur to them and the statistics. In both our society and Waknuk's the causes of prejudice are similar. We tend to believe in things that are not true, like how the "Americans believe things that aren't true about Muslims ." For example, many believe that if you are Muslim then you are most likely to be a terrorist and they are not being taught the right information, but all of these are just stereotypes. The people of Waknuk is just like us, they determine what is and is not human from only two books. Our books and opinions are just something we think is right, ." What real evidence have we got about true image?"(63). In both societies, we tend to believe incomplete facts and we assume what we hear or learn is correct. Also, a big factor that lead people in our society to believe Muslims as such horrifying people is because of 9/11. This event wasn't created by all Muslims, only a few were involved. Although we know this, many of us still see and think of Muslims in a different way from ourselves. The mutants of Waknuk were born a little differently from many ... ... middle of paper ... ...atistics show that we all are a bit prejudiced and disrespectful for judging ones beliefs like that. To conclude, even it if we are not prejudice to mutants of Waknuck or Muslims we live near, lot of the people around us are and the ones that are innocent is being treated like a criminal. It may seems like there is a big difference between us and the members of the Waknuck but in reality, we are not that different. The way it all starts with one event , but prejudice determines the life of many people. The things the happens to them when they have not done anything wrong and how many people believe something that is not true. We can be the reason for their pass actions, because we are slowly taking away important things to them , their freedom and happiness. These are all things that can change a person because we judge them and do not plan on knowing them.

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